Our Team
Our team consists of experienced and competent staff in the administrative office and the operational business, as well as our chauffeurs who have been active with us for many years. Continuity amongst personnel ensures that the standard of quality remains at the same high level it has always been when carrying out our assignments.

Take advantage of the experience and expertise which we are able to offer you as an established service provider.

Company Philosophy

The security of our customers and their satisfaction define our business! Discretion is spelt with a capital D in our business! The wishes and needs of our customers are our topmost priority!

Coming to a standstill is equivalent to taking a step backwards. That’s why we work continuously to further develop our company. We make sure to provide a consummate, discrete and friendly service.

Experience is the most important aspect in being able to judge situations quickly and acting appropriately. In order to furthermore guarantee a continuously high level of quality, far-sightedness and preparedness are indispensable to us. Security is not a condition, but a continuous task which we set ourselves 24 hours a day.